Experience the TDEMI ULTRA – Hands-on Video with Frank and Stephan

Watch the hands-on video with Frank and Stephan showing the very easy-to-operate and intuitive user interface of the world’s fastest EMI receiver – the absolutely outstanding and unrivaled TDEMI ULTRA series released by GAUSS INSTRUMENTS in early 2018.

The TDEMI ULTRA real-time receiver series provides ultra high performance. Best in class RF performance. Lowest noisefloor. The fastest stepped scan receiver on the planet. The fastest FFT-based receiver on the planet. All at the same time. All in just one box.

Covering the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz, the TDEMI ULTRA measurement system provides a fully integrated spectrum analyzer, a real-time spectrum analyzer, a time-domain mode, a fully gapless real-time spectrogram mode, a stepped scan receiver, and a FFT-based receiver of course. Due to its various operation modes it can be used in a vast range of applications, e.g. for measurements and testing according to telecommunication standards as ETSI and FCC - as well as for general analysis of signals - all this can be done fully gapless in real-time with an absolutely unique instantaneous bandwidth of 685 MHz. All operation modes are fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 as well as ANSI C63.2 and can be used for test and measurements according to civil standards (e. g. CISPR, EN, FCC Part 15, ANSI C63.4), military standards (e. g. MIL-461G, but also its previous versions and revisions) as well as avionic standards (e. g. DO-160) or any OEM standards.

A wide range of configuration possibilities are available in addition as well as full automation software packages making the TDEMI ULTRA the perfect match and the most cost efficient solution you have ever seen in your lab.

Automated Conducted Emission Measurements within a Second

The TDEMI System simplifies and tremendously speeds up the measurement procedure but it also enhances the quality of your conducted emission measurements at the same time. Thus you get to your final test result just within a few seconds - and you're done. The line impedance stabilisation network (LISN) is remote controlled by the TDEMI. All phases are measured fully automatically. The report generator creates the test report according to the given limit lines selected or specified by the user. Complete setups incuding limit lines, transducers and settings can be stored by the measurement software’s user interface and just needs to be recalled the next time and you're ready to go.


Automated Measurement of Disturbance Power in full Real-time

Measurements of disturbance power are carried out using an absorber clamp that is moved along the cable of the device under test. Instead of measuring many positions afterwards maximazation and finally re-measuring the ciritcally frequencies only which is a very time-consuming and out of date procedure - now the complete spectrum up to 300 MHz can be measured with quasi-peak in real-time by the TDEMI X receiver series which only takes around 20 seconds - depending on the speed moving of the clamp along the cable track. By using the max hold function the maximum emission level of all (!!) positions is obtained. The report generator documents all the maximas and the test report is generated fully automated. Complete setups incuding limit lines, transducers and all other applied settings can be stored and just recalled the next time by the very easy-to-operate instrument's software interface.


Full Quasi-Peak Characterization in Real-time up to 1 GHz

Originated by the conventional heterodyne receivers and its very slow sequential frequency scanning technology prescans are performed to detect some critical frequencies only to reduce the total scan time of the following final measurement to be carried out at those identified frequencies only. Now, the TDEMI X Measurement System allows to improve the over all quality of testing. By using the TDEMI X receiver the measurement is performed with quasi-peak detector and carried out at up to 64,000 frequencies in parallel. Thus it is possible to perform your final quasi-peak measurment in real-time - measuring all frequencies and all position of your DUT - resulting, for the very first time, in a full quasi-peak characterization of your DUT. This speeds up your testing by orders of magnitudeand at the same time the quality of your measurements is increased and the measurment uncertainty is reduced by orders of magnitude. The measurement of radiation patterns can be performed and visualized in 2D and 3D images to identify the radiating sources and also the test reports can be generated fully automated.


Radiated Emission Measurements above 1 GHz

Typically emission measurements above 1 GHz are carried out at several angular positions for horizontal as well as vertical polarization. Instead of spending hours with a conventional heterodnye receiver, the TDEMI X coming with its MultiGHz real-time scanning feature tremendously speeds up your measurements and testing procedures. Instead of carrying out a scan per angular position each, rotating the turntable continuously while measuring in real-time. MaxHold is used to obtain the maximum emission over all positions. By the report generator the maxima are calculated and listed in a table and the report is generated. The result is again a reduction of the overall testing time by magnitudes. E. g. a reduction of about a factor of 20 can be achieved compared to performing a complete test with conventional heterodyne receivers and 10 degree steps of the turntable.