In 2006, the inventors of real-time FFT analysis for EMC applications presented a novel technology at the EMC Conference in Singapore, which has revolutionized the field of EMC measurement ever since. Measuring times for complex tasks were reduced from hours to only a few seconds.

According to CISPR 16-1-1, APD measurements are currently specified for the frequency range above 1 GHz. However, there is a growing demand to extend this functionality allowing for APD measurements to be performed even below 1GHz. APD measurements institute a means to determine statistical distribution for defined amplitude intervals, revealing the probability of exceeding a particular level.

The new Real-time Spectrum and Signal Analyzer TDEMI® S from GAUSS INSTRUMENTS® is the new benchmark for real-time, communication and EMC testing. It is thoroughly flexible in its configurability and extensibility. In its basic configuration the TDEMI® S is a high-performance spectrum analyzer and is available in frequency ranges up to 1, 6, 9, 18, 26, 40, 44 and 50 GHz.

The worldwide rise of COVID -19 leads to significant changes in working environments, affecting all professions and industries. Working from home, virtual meetings, and new hygiene regulations require a redesign of "used-to" workflows and routines. What about the work in an EMC measurement laboratory? Can a measurement be done remotely?

GAUSS INSTRUMENTS®´s TDEMI® ULTRA is available in the frequency of DC - 40 GHz. Now it can be extended by external mixers even up to the Terahertz frequency range.
The outstanding features and great advantage of the largest real-time bandwidth in the T&M market as well as the capability of performing ultra-fast measurements are available in the entire frequency range, also when extending the frequency range by external mixers.