The world’s fastest EMI receivers – the TDEMI eXtreme series (TDEMI X) of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS covering the frequency range from DC – 40 GHz and providing unique features as 645 MHz CISPR compliant real-time bandwidth, Multi-GHz Real-time Scanning and the lowest displayed average noise level at 40 GHz can now be equipped with an additional ultra-low noise pre-amplifier for the frequency range 30 MHz – 1 GHz. This novel pre-amp provides lowest noise figure and highest dynamic range - both at the same time. High linearity and lowest displayed inherent noise is achieved by a patented technology using pre-amps with low noise figure, pre-selectors and a special circuit monitoring the linearity reserve of the pre-amp.

Emissions measurements of the electrical field strength in the frequency range of 1 GHz to 40 GHz are carried out in an anechoic chamber or at an open area test site. Usually these measurements are very time-consuming as the maximum radiation has to be found over all angular positions of the device under test (DUT) as well as over all antenna heights. DUTs with highly directive radiation characteristics above 1 GHz require very small angular steps of the turntable for getting the accurate position of the maximum emission, making the testing procedure even more time-consuming.

Measurements of radiated emissions in the frequency range up to 1 GHz are performed in a semi-anechoic chamber or on open area test sites (OATS). Such measurements are very time consuming as according to CISPR and FCC Standards the measurements have to be performed at several antenna heights and all angular positions of the device under test. In the past the total test time was reduced by performing pre-scans with peak detector and short dwell times and final maximization carried out at individual frequencies only. During the pre-scan procedure overview measurements are performed to search for the frequencies with maximum emissions. A list of suspicious frequencies (peak list) is generated. Then at these frequencies the final measurement is performed in single frequency mode with longer dwell times.

The worldwide fastest EMI Receivers TDEMI eXtreme (short: TDEMI X) of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS with a frequency range from DC– 40 GHz, which is 64000 times faster than a traditional EMI Receiver, now also provides the lowest noise floor in comparison to any EMI Receiver with a range of 40 GHz..

The new benchmark for your product pre-certifications. The new TDEMI Mobile+ (TDEMI M+) receiver series of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a very compact and robust designed instrument for optimum mobility and outdoor use as well as on developers workbench in your lab. It provides a vast variety of functionalities.