Measurement of disturbance power is carried out with an absorbing clamp in the frequency range of 30 MHz – 300 MHz. It is an alternative test method to radiate emission measurements. Therefore, the maximum emission has to be found and recorded which is received by the absorbing clamp moved along the slideway. Usually a frequency search is performed in the first step. The following measurement of the maximum is performed with the Quasi-peak detector at single frequency points. Typically the test receiver was set to a single frequency and the absorbing clamp was shifted till the maximum emission was found.

By the TDEMI Click Rate Analyzer (Option CLICK-UG), which is full compliant according to CISPR14 by the way, a fully integrated click rate analyzer, measuring at all four frequencies (150 kHz, 500 kHz, 1.4 MHz, and 30 MHz) simultaneously, was released for the ultra-fast TDEMI Receiver Series of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS. Hereby the overall test time could be reduced by several factors in comparison to a traditional EMI receiver which is measuring each frequency point sequentially.

The worldwide fastest EMI Receivers TDEMI eXtreme (TDEMI X) of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS with a frequency range from 10 Hz – 40 GHz, which is 64000 times faster than a traditional EMI Receiver, now also provides the lowest noise floor in comparison to any EMI Receiver with a range of 40 GHz.

The series of ultra-fast and high performance EMI Receivers TDEMI eXtreme (TDEMI X) of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS provides due to a real-time bandwidth of 325 MHz in addition to the classical EMI Receiver mode a variety of measurement and analysis functions.

New dimensions for your pre-certifcation testing. The TDEMI M product line of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS is a very compact designed all-round instrument especially for mobile use outside as well as in labs on the developer workbench providing a great variety of functionalities.