The EMI receiver families TDEMI® of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS® provide a huge fully CISPR compliant real-time bandwidth and therefore allow to speed up your measurements tremendouosly and to reduce the measurement uncertainty significantly - both at the same time. By using the full automation software suite EMI64k of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS® the test procedures can be configured according to the CISPR 16-2-3 standard for the FFT-based measuring instruments. In comparison to the previously done pre-scan and final measurement strategy, the overall test quality can be significantly increased whereas the testing times are reduced by orders of magnitudes.

The new EMI receiver TDEMI ULTRA of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS provides unique and outstanding features, such as 685 MHz real-time bandwidth, ultra-fast receiver scanning as well as multi GHz real-time scanning up to 40 GHz. It is the fastest EMI receiver in the market. It is a multi-purpose instrument for a wide range of applications and due to its compact design, a 12V supply, and a weight of less than 10 kg it is a great tool for field testing or on-board testing applications.

Due to the increasing role of new and innovative technologies, things like smart homes, driver-less cars and Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming a regular companion in our daily lives. In case of smart home the network is mostly connected through Wi-Fi and controlled through smart phones or tablets. These interconnected electrical devices thus also require an additional and extended test effort. In most cases it is therefore no longer sufficient, that e.g. household appliances are only tested with regard to their electromagnetic emissions according to CISPR 14.

Emissions measurements of the electrical field strength in the frequency range of 1 GHz to 40 GHz are carried out in an anechoic chamber or at an open area test site. Usually these measurements are very time-consuming as the points of maximum radiation have to be found over all angular positions of the device under test (DUT) as well as over all antenna heights. DUTs with strongly directed radiation patern above 1 GHz require high angular resolution, which means very small angular steps of the turntable to get the accurate position of the maximum emission, making the testing procedure even more time-consuming.

The EMI64k, the new automation software suite of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS, allows to embed your TDEMI receiver in a fully automated test environment. A full automation of EMI testing according to all commercial and military standards is available with this software suite. Using the capabilities of the TDEMI® X with a gapless processing and full quasi peak detection the EMI64k is the only software that provides a full automation even under conditions of sporadic interferences or drifting emissions. This unique technology avoids manual searching of peaks and improves the overall test quality. In addition the complete radiation pattern is measured at all frequencies with Quasi-peak.